Jumat, 25 Maret 2011

Look at Others

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Look, I am really falling in love with writing. Seems, that I can't live without it. And yeah, I am still exploring this skill over and over again...

And I am soo amazed with those people who become my inspiration in blogging. Some are mentioned in my "Click and Stare" list. Such as Kezia Gabriella, who successfully shocked me with her ability in collecting beautiful words. And i must admit, the way she writes in English, never make me bored. I learn so many new words in her blog, instead :) Also Alanda Kariza (of course) who totally ignites my idealism as youth right after reading her posts

Simple contemplations or you may call "article" is my strength. Although I am digging my enthusiasm and skill on fiction. Hope it would work. So much for this writing passion :D

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