Sabtu, 21 Agustus 2010

Welcome Holiday

Recently my blog post described about how hectic my brain, my thought, also my mind. So hectic until i forget how to handle my stress. It is a tragedy. I mean, to be truth, life is hard. There is always a milion reason to be pittying yourself, there is always person who don’t like you no matter what you are doing. And all i must to do is patient.

My body’s protection is too tough, it is so difficult being sick for my case. But thank God, my body is getting weaker. Yeah, that is exactly i need. Relaxing my self, being off on couples day, and rearranging my thoughts to reconstruct new positive perspective

Thank you my sob for the time, finally we met again and had a great time together. Although there was no extra time, but i really blessed having you yesterday. Still waiting for a fully week holiday with my sob, anyway. And wondering could i and him visiting photo exhibition until passing a sleepless night together. And thank you for my family, now i am home. Welcome home, welcome to twenty four hours internet connection, hahahaa.

Yeah it is me and holiday in my version. Not a long holiday of course, cause im not the hommy type, actually. But i think it is gonna be enough for my self to recovery.

And for you, hey there. I am gonna miss you harder on my holiday.

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