Kamis, 23 September 2010

Day Six: Five people who mean a lot

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Hahaha, i didn't mean to cheat or something. it is already day six :P
okay, this post would be so interesting. I am gonna write five important people in my life currently. watch these :

1. My sob! of course, he means A LOT to me. don't ask me why. Because i could spend a whole day describing how precious he is for me. lots of thank for him.

2. Alanda Kariza. i don't know if you call me such a freak or something, but she is a role model for me. I always dare myself a lot of activities based on her experience and see if i could pass her limit or not :)

3. Some people who support me. Really i appreciate them all. I am nothing without you, guys. I am not as strong as i seems, i am still thirsty of support, motivation, and also lots of love.

4. Some people who underestimate me. Maybe it sounds cliche, but these people actually made me dare myself to upgrade more and more.

5. Someone out there. heii there, i am missing you so bad.

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