Minggu, 24 Januari 2010

Green Movement For The Soul


If the earth dies, u die. If u die, the earth survives (Klaatu - The Day The Earth Stood Still)

Do you know that the production of dry trash in Jakarta is about 6.000 ton in a day? Do you recognize that 6 million of trash in Jakarta is thrown to the river? Are you aware that 80% of pollution is produced by motor vehicle? Do you know that the consumption of fuel is increasing 1% per year? In Indonesia, temperature is increase up until 0,3°C in each year. The effect of this increasing, earth will be hotter, trigger forest fire, until the production of rice can be decrease !

Based on the data above, we can make a conclusion that earth and its condition is getting worst day by day. We all people, who are living on it, are making those action to the earth, are we aware? Maybe some people are, but the other are aren’t. They, who are aware, always try to make earth better, while the others do not care at all about it.

It is important to take more attention to our earth. There are so many reasons why. We should aware that we live in earth, earth supports our life well from it Nature Resources. Imagine what will happen if people do not keep the Nature Resources carefully. Therefore, we should know how to interact with earth. This knowledge can be found in ecology.

Word of ecology is come from Greek, oikos and logos, oikos can be translated as house and logos is knowledge. So, ecology is knowledge of living things in house hold side. Generally, ecology is meant a knowledge which is organized about the interaction of human and their environment. Ecology has becoming a trend issue lately. All the people are talking about it, scientists are trying to discover an efficient way to reduce what we called Global Warming. But those action seem makes no sense. The earth still hotter and our environment still dirty.

There’s something wrong with the effort itself. The main factor of organizing earth is human, is WE ! How can be the earth heals itself without our help? Yes, the earth can, but it will take a million times to change. Therefore, people who care about environment make an action called Environment Movement. But usually this movement only touches in layer side of ecology, the layer side of interaction. Environment Movement may make a green action to clean and fix the environment, but not show how to heal the world from the deepest side of people’s soul. The writer tries to make a formula about this soul movement, it is called as Ecology Movement. Ecology Movement is not only talking about the techniques of taking care the earth, but also shows you how to make green action sincerely.

There are so many ways to make people out there aware of what happen recently with our earth and care about it. First, make a community of ecology. Making this club and inviting people to join, means that you add one people to love the earth. In this club, you can discuss about environment issue and do green action as an application.

Second, do the green campaign. But in this case, the green campaign which we want to do is not like common campaign. Take the participant to the place which has no management in environment side and let them think !

Third, take a real action. Invite your friends or your family to take a real action in healing the earth. Such as, planting the trees, cleaning the house, cleaning the yard, putting the trash in the proper place, and so on.

Second, one man one contribution. We can challenge people surround us to do this. Show them to throw one garbage in its bin, and so your friends. You will see that it will be spread to others and by the time it can be a habit to accustom this.

If you want to see the earth getting well soon and remove the prediction of big disaster in the earth, you’d better move now! Save the Earth with your hand !

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  1. well it's time to go figure

    we can change just in simple things, such as use another side of papers to minimize the pollute,
    do not to much using the plastics,
    have u ever watch documentary HOME? i think it's really worth it about how the human handle about faster development, waste the water, land, crush the area in all of countries, include indonesia which is very famous of borneo forest

  2. HOME?
    well, baru denger..
    i will search in Youtube :D

    yeah changing simple things doesnt mean nothing, rite? because every big steps always start with the inches steps :)


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