Selasa, 29 Juni 2010

I am a Hunter

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these days, i am into International Youth Forum/Conference !
yeah, anything you call it, i am now really interested searching these similar forum..
maybe i am inspired by Alanda Kariza or some Indonesian Youth Conference ambassadors who have so many international achievement..
study abroad or just join the international group is my dream since i was in Juniar High School. Sometimes i hide this dream when i see the limit. For the example, i am not that rich who can travel to other countries easily moreover to study in there and also i am the first child in my family, it means i have sisters to financed. i dont want to make my family pay big bucks to send me abroad and let my sisters have standard education. oh, it's a big NO NO

but, finally i found these inspiring person, her name is Alanda Kariza, she is one of young talented person ive ever seen and i conclude that se has the same limitation as mine. But hey ! she ever never willing to stop her effort to change Indonesia or maybe change the world ! she joined some international events and has recomended links to easy herworks, to connect her aspiration. and then finally i read this

this post is opened up my mind !
hey, it means i can do whatever i want to do to change my circumtances into good situation
i can change my world, i can make so many creations. and related to my dream, i can go abroad and join international forum !
oh my,
where have i been?
being unconcious lately and wasting my time hiding my desire to speak up..

hell, yeah ! i can eliminate the limit, i can go out of the box, i want to be special on my own way
i want to be praised from a new briliant perspective
i want to inspire people

i have applied for Globel Citizen Corps yesterday
hope they could recruit me, aamiin :)

and also i have next plan to make the essay for applying International Youth Forum in South Korea, hope i could finish it as soon as possible

yes i can !

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