Minggu, 05 September 2010

Again. Fireflies.

Still remember i was writing about Alanda Kariza on my blog?

Yepp, i still adore her for sure. Even i write on my desktop note “kalau Alanda Kariza bisa, berarti Wahidini Nur Aflah BISA”.

Don’t ask me why, i don’t know either. Even though nowadays there are so many young role models in Indonesia, like Iman Usman (a president of Indonesian Future Leader), Ghian (one of Indonesia ambassador for British Council), Guinandra (a very inspirational boy with brilliant brain), Ninies (a friend of mine who starts to be activist in very young age), i instead choose Alanda Kariza. Maybe because she is a writer, so she can write her perspectives beautifully. Maybe because she has so many inspirational words, which successfully made a lot of young people aware of making a change for Indonesia.

Technically, i have two role models now. The first is Alanda Kariza, and the second is Retha Dungga. Kak Retha is my tutor in Suara Pemuda Anti Korupsi from Transparency International. She is soooo energetic. Looking her work rhythm make me feel amazed. And she is very down to earth. She speaks right words for my random mood and having the conscience to say compliment to us.

And if i fell down, i will always look for their presences in blog, Twitter, or Facebook. Because reading their perspective makes me up again.

I want to be inspired and inspire people. I hope i could be like them someday. Or maybe one step ahead. On progress. Just wait and see :D

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