Sabtu, 25 September 2010

Youth, what are you gonna do?

Lately, i forgot the date, was “full” day for me. Full of thought, especially. There were so many moments took me in a deep thought, had a monolog with my heart and brain, joined in a future-orientation discussion. I was so full! But still had empty place to refill or re-upgrade. Overall, i am still shocked of constantly deep contemplations yesterday.

One thing i want to highlight about yesterday is, stop saying theories, and do not have literacy debate so much. Indonesia needs us to make a change. It’s time to help society with your brilliant ideas. No need to argue why this case could be exist or why that violation could be happened. Indonesia won’t wait any longer. Okay, maybe theories would helpful to know precisely what happened. But still need a changemaker to transform theory formulas into an effective movement for a comfy Indonesia.

Some says we are the agent of change, then prove it! Shopping out of control, gossiping each other, sitting in front of Facebook, watching cheesy films, having discussion without taking actions, critizing without giving advice, or sleeping all days are not the way out. Indonesia needs more than retweeting! If some people out there says that youth only a group of rebel and uncontrol mass, prove we are not like that. We can learn as comprehensively as old people do. We can be given a trusty and use it wisely. We are open-minded. We have positive idealism and strongly keep it. We can make a better Indonesia for sure.

Create something helpful, make simple technology, share your knowledge, then your inches steps would be accumulated as a giant step of change. Be a changemaker is not that easy, i know. There are still so many barriers in our society, cultural path, and also financial stuff. But trust me, if we have white willing to help others or make a green steps together, one smile from them is gonna be like cold raindrop in a desert

Maybe you can deny this issue easily and say that, this is your future problem, or even this is not your problem at all. Are you sure of saying such a surprised statement? Okay, i will give you a simple question.

Do you feel that your life is messed up because of people around you always saying negative words? or maybe you are not satisfied in hearing some government's policy? Are you angry with FPI fight out there? Do you feel that your college or school's fee is too high for you? and so many unpleasant moments. Now, i would like to ask you. What are you gonna do to make these problems, at least your social problem first, finished? Nothing? Come on, tell me what are you gonna do? Are you keep on asking why or maybe blaming everyone  for your case only?

Haha guys, your problem is still there if you have no willing to move and finish it by yourself. My partner in TI Indonesia, Kak Retha, said in Indonesia there are so many problems. You can't clear all by yourself. Because there is only you. But if one person in Indonesia solve one problem, there will be no problem anymore in our beloved country.

So, still ignoring this post?

I am available to help society. Are you with me?

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