Minggu, 10 April 2011

London, One More Time

Saya emang udah lama gak nulis tentang London. Tapi bukan berarti saya lupa atau megubur impian saya untuk ke London. Target masih sama, tahun ini, tahun 2011, saya kepengen pergi ke London.

London for me is so far far away. It means, I must define alternative ways to get there. Yeah, it could be said, that impossible for my family took me there. Imagine how giant the gap between Rupiah and Euro. Geez, I still have my education stuff, and so do my sisters. So that, I must give my extra efforts to find alterative ways to say "Finally London, I am COMING!"

As I stated before in my past posts, I have one private student, named Tonya Ongko. She is from Ongko Family. Sounds familiar? Yep, that family related to Omni Hospital. Tonya is a grand-daughter from its owner. Can you imagine how wealthy she and her family is? Okay that is the first condition. The second was began when our last session class in her house. I helped her finishing Family Tree Project from her school. The conversation started, she told me about where each of her family comes from. Then popped up London words! My hear began to be sensitive. Just like there is an automatic alarm, and "London" is the password.

I said to her how big my desire to step my feet in London. And she told me that her sister, India Kyra Ongko, is going to be in London soon, like a tour from her school. Geez, my heart was sank. It is like my heart said "I wish I were her". Then Tonya continued her sory about London, and I did not know how to explain to her about my condition, which isn't same with her.

How could I tell rich-fourth-grade-girl that not all people in this Indonesia is not as rich as her?

Hahaaa, It's not a jealousy guys! It is about my dream that was being awakened from its sleep. Yeah, I really want to be in London, and this conversation made me realize one more time. Someday you could see the captured moments of me being in London, on my Facebook profile.

See you in London, Tonya!

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  1. ayo din semangat, gw tunggu di jepang. loh???

  2. iya luqmaaann, gw juga mau sih kalo gratis ke jepang :P


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