Kamis, 29 Agustus 2013

This Will Happen To You. Maybe Not Today. But Someday.

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What you would do when sadness hit you right when you are in public place.
And for addition, you were thinking that today would be a lovely day to spend.

You would do nothing but sobbing inside your heart. Acting like everything is fine and hold on too hard so that your tears don't come out uncontrollably.

Your fingers scan those brokenheart songs as fast as you can, to heal your heart. Ooops, it will not heal afterall. But at least you can release it soon. All the lyrics become sadder than it heard on the last time you played it, and your heart will cry harder.

That cellphone on your right hand is going to be blown out. You can throw it away the hardest you can be to lessen the pressure. Your mind will think and analyze the situation whether why all the tragic time happens today. How it could be and how you can fix the core. But the more far you can get, the lesser answer you could pick. Because there was no clue at all.

Oh, you did ask, but still no answer you got.
You keep on asking why and why. And continuously sobbing in hidden.

Maybe it's yourself being too dramatic or universe plays trick.
But, your mind still craving for logical reason on it.
Do you know what smarter things to do?

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