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The Tale of Summer Girl and Winter Boy

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I am your summer girl.
My ability is to adjust your heart into ideal warming scale so that you could smile in the beginning of the day. I allure you to dancing in wavy beach, and we could chasing each others in short pants. We explore waterfall and have a trial of whom stays in the water longest (PS : don't tickle me to win!). After bathing, don't dare to wear full hat while I choose sporty look. Oh come on, the sunshine is pouring on us and let's get sweaty.

I am your summer girl.
We could walk into city bazaar and have a taste of fresh apple over there or just a sip of lemon juice in tourist-favorite cafe. In the middle of the day, we could spend the time watching all the series Pirates of The Caribbean while eating a big bowl of Oreo ice creams (which I add twice). You always have that leftover near your lips, which always be my reason to kiss you more.

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You are my winter boy.
It is your favorite to walk in the middle of windy night. While holding my hand tight, you offer me to have a quick date eating indomie. You remember my order well : soto flavored without vegetables in it, and medium cook. We will have each other holding hand below the table to warm my freezing palm.

You are my winter boy.
While my body shivering under the rain, it is your turn to hug me from my back. And you gently pass me an umbrella when knowing my big sweater isn't enough. Let's being inside the blanket all day long. I will wear my long pajamas and socks on while you move easily on your t-shirt and khaki pants. The scent of hot chocolate would be all over our room, we get sleepy easily, and being awaken every day with you hugging me to warm me up is my morning grace.

They say, yin always meets yang in the end. And I know why universe set us up. I am the only who could melt your freezing heart, and you are the reason why I love my cold frappuccino.

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