Selasa, 31 Agustus 2010

Next Destination

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A friend of mine was thinking to start her new non-government organization. It is her project after went abroad to Singapore last couple days for a youth conference. Then she invited me to join with her NGO, well i couldn’t reject! As i wrote before, i am falling in love with NGO, and decided to give extra space of my life becomes volunteer in many NGO’s. I accepted her great offer, of course.

We are going to build a NGO, for sure. It is Indonesian Young Leaders Council, a NGO which focused on global issues and will produce more Indonesia young leaders. It would be GREAT, i assure. Because it is my first independent NGO, i mean, i will build it with my own mates, ooh my life is beautiful, hihihi. Next agenda? Wew! We are going to make an international also national conference about global issues, and the international one is going to be held on December 2010. Be ready for tight schedule!

One thing that i wish now is my college schedule would be more tolerant to mine, haha. Well, i think, i can’t wish too much for this case. Huah, just prepare myself for a great also a busy year end.

Need your support guys! I also gonna make SPEAK (Suara Pemuda Anti Korupsi) Festival in this year end. SPEAK Festival is a package of events, will be held on October until December. It is included workshops for non-mainstream media campaign, a lot of seminars with different topics, and the end we will serve Jakarta with anti-corruption Concert! Wuhuuu, soo excited with these, because my partners are AWESOME. Dunno why, i always threw into working with some great partners.

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