Selasa, 21 September 2010

Day Four: Seven things that cross your mind a lot.

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so, this is supposed to be day four. i think, this post is gonna be "really me". Because there are so many things pop-up on my mind like cooking popcorn. So that sometimes i need private notes to write down all ideas while i am walking, blank in class, or i am bathing, hahaa..

1. i frequently think about what i am gonna do, my next agenda. sering takut lupa sama jadwal yang sangat random dan gak rutin

2. konten kerjaan sering jadi bahan menarik untuk dipikirin. Inilah kenapa saya sering terlihat "serius". Yaa itu, karena lagi mikirin kerjaan yang bejibun. Tapi work stuff adalah bahan favorit saya untuk dipikirkan. Dont blame me if i take the work stuff as my priority

3. saya sering mikir kalo saya itu adalah kaum minoritas. beberapa orang yang memiliki jalan pikiran yang definitely different with some people out there. Maybe it is the consequences why it is so hard to talk to me with a deep issue. Because i have a lot of unusual path of thinking.

4. before i sleep, my favorite object to think is him. As if i could take him to my dreams and we could dance until morning's calling

5. i also always think about my sob. Which he is my only one best friend i have ever had. although we are constantly arguing about everything but we really have a quality friendship :) the most crucial thing about us to think is, how to keep in touch when the marriage is happen. i seldom think about this again and again. i am simply afraid of losing him. and yeah, often think about how to communicate on our rush schedule. any idea?

6. the important thing i must think every breathe i take is, what im gonna do with my life. I mean, i must deeply think about what im gonna create to make my life becomes helpful for people out there :)

7. so many songs stuck in my head. i rewind it over over and over again

8. lately wonder about what other's opinion about me. do you wanna share?

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