Sabtu, 13 November 2010

Another Chapter of Change

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Life is about change. Life is dynamic. Therefore, you have to make a change in every step you take. If you don’t, you will be left behind. It is a common theory. Change is stronger than you, change makes you alive. So make a change with your life, with your sight.

It is not about inconsistency, because making a change doesn’t mean you are unstable. You have to launch a change instead to be stable. Like an atom who has to make hybridization in order to bound with another atom. So these two atoms become molecule that has less reactivity. This chemistry principle also reflects that change is better done together. Because two is better than one, a broom is better than a single rib.

I found it’s hard to change. My natural response wants to stay in my comfort zone. It’s easier to stay on what i’ve reached than challenge myself to reach more and more. Even i know i have to do that. I realize it’s naturally. But it shouldn’t stop me for being better day by day.

My life nowadays pushes me to make a change in every second. It’s so dynamic, so am i. Every decision i made, every feeling i turned, every response i show. Sometimes it makes me insane. Knowing that i am still human who miss stability. But look at me, i’m still alive and so energetic. At least i show that, haha.

Move on is another problem. It can be described with million versions. And responded with one confusing. Contrast, right? Move on is another chapter of change. In order to keep alive, i have to move on. I know i don’t like it, but i have to.

Honestly, i am so speechless to write this. Not because i don’t know what to say. But the problem is, i am still trying to understand those flash moments and explain why i have to move on to myself. Decision is made, signs are seen clearly, but all i have to do now is to understand why. I am still asking over and over again.

Maybe someday i’ll know why and laugh of what i’ve been through. Yeah, life needs process. Finding you is a process.

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