Kamis, 11 November 2010

Spirit Booster

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There is always a time when you don't believe in yourself. When it comes, you always compare yourself with others and feel down for it. You think that other success people get their stars instantly and that was their luck also talent.

People try to heal you from down feeling and pick you up again by giving some suggestions on their own different version. You can listen to them carefully and get what they mean immediately, but somehow you also don't believe their words and leave it behind. In the end, you always come back pitying yourself from destiny. You say that, your bad condition is your destiny and it's better not to fight it. You believe that, if you are "zero" and others "three", you couldn't reach "three". You assume all people is totally different and can not reach the same dream.

I have many friends like this. Maybe you are the one of them. You think that i wrote this to judge you or something. But trust me, i'm writing this because i want to see you all could develop as high as a rocket.

Dear friends, you have the same potential with me, with Obama, with Einstein, with American Idol, with every single success person in your head. All you have to do is to realize this. Then you have to pull out your courages to the maximal.There is no doubt of your brighter future.

Dear friends, you are still young, yes we are. You could touch the sky, bomb the Earth out, invent touch-screen watch, and so on. Don't let this fear bounder you out. This is our time. It could be anyone of us..

Yes, it is so natural to have the fear of fail, or rejecting. But if it comes, you have to realize that this feeling could be erased. I usually blog to Alanda Kariza or Kezia Gabriela if my mood to be success is falling down. These two blogs could be my spirit booster. You could read theirs and prove this. They usually post about volunteerism, youth spirit, also hope. This is what i need to get spirit booster. How about you? Every person has different way to get spirit. Once you found it, use it everytime you need.

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