Kamis, 26 Mei 2011

Walking Under Spotlight

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di post sebelumnya, saya emang nyari gambar dengan kata kunci "catwalk". Tapi, setelah saya publish postingan blog yang dibawah, eh ternyata saya ngelirik gambar ini. Tapi, begitu ngedownload gambar ini, saya bingung mau bikin postingan apa. Karena gambar ini memanggil saya begitu saja.

It attracts me. I can't get my eyes off of this picture. You know, the feeling that binds this picture is so strong.

You see, life is like a fashion show, life is like walking in catwalk. Everybody is looking at you in details. Judging you, comparing you with others, and also choosing you.

Everybody on catwalk always perform their best. They want to be choosen. Of course. But somehow, I randomly wonder how their feeling exactly, walking under spotlight.

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