Senin, 17 Oktober 2011

Really Recently Doing

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So now here I am,
In McD besides Atmajaya, my fave brand place if I want to get Wifi for free, also Lemon Tea (it is recently my must-buy-drink). Sitting in front of Nobi (my laptop) while listening to Yiruma. Perfect backsound for writing entries.

Since a days ago, I am wondering of what life I would be face. An unique one, or challenging? Must both of them, of course.

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  1. wew lo suka yiruma juga ya din...
    yg paling gw suka a river flows in you sama kiss the rain...
    ada rekomendasi lagu lainnya ga din?

    btw, wi-fi nya sekenceng apa tuh?
    ga kaya uw-en-jeh kan? hehe


Itu sih kata @dinikopi, menurut kamu?