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Five Ways to Win My Heart

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If you are old readers of my blog, you will notice that I ever wrote about this once.
But time flies, and people change.
So I will update my answer :P

How to win my heart?

1. Mas mas Jawa
Yes, it's kinda weird criteria. But I prefer to date a Javanese boy. No, it's not about racism or something. I just found that Javanese boys seems magical. Since I was born in Sumatra environment, I always want to go home to Java, someday. And also those beliefs that Javanese people are more patient, insult me. Eventhough I know that it's depend on the person, still it's not decrease the magical look. :">

2. Be an anomaly
We live with many people. Once we look same with others, but we have choice to be different. I really appreciate those who minority. Be different, be anomaly. And you could win my heart

3. Smart
Smart boy always looks sexy!

4. Be funny!
Yeah, me likey someone who could make me laugh. Relief the stress inside of me.
Hey, life couldn't be serious all the time! ;)

5. Say it
Say that you love me. Every time you feel it. Say. It.

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