Senin, 30 Januari 2012

Something I Feel Strongly About

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It kinda makes me stuck.
That one word, feel.
Hey, I think, I don't feel much. I'd rather to use my logic than my feeling.
But yeah, hoop topic is still topic I have to write about. And I will tell you what I spontaneously think I feel about something

I feel the future
I see the next dinikopi so strong in my eyes many time. The girl who will enjoy her popularity because surrounded by many partners, enough true friends, and also one reliable soulmate. I see myself would be a democratic mom, strong wife, and also peaceful mind.
It's all about family? Yes, I see that many times. So strongly. I even see what I would wear in many occasions or moments. Enjoying myself and smiling to my youth age. But I would not be that old. Yes, still have young soul, of course. Walks to many extrovert places maybe only with my own or my little future son. Introduce him and people would say "Oh my god, Dini. He is so cute" and then my future son will show his bunny teeth.
Geez, I predict that close.

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