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To You Who Have The Same Moment In New Year Eve

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Fate arranges and plays our life over and over again.
In ways we frequently have no idea about it.

Two years ago, you were holding her hand tightly across the street to celebrate New Year Eve in your house. While I was sitting beside him, covered up with a blanket in front of television in his empty house.

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You looked so nice on that dark blue shirt, but not feeling blue because you knew she were there with you. While  I was feeling comfortable on my pajamas lean back to him who offering me a bowl of chocolate ice cream.

You seemed so happy you two could spend time together in the edge of the year and could not resist to keep smiling all night. Remembering all the time you were separated with her through distance. She said she would enjoy the rest of her life with you like this and that was all that matter to you.

While I flattered to the way he took care of me in the middle of ice cream bite, when I said I caught a cold and he instantly made me a huge glass of tea with 100% hot water. My signature habit and no matter how he forgot to add the sugar in it, it was kind a sweet move actually.

You spent New Year Eve inside and planned not to see fireworks, but played monopoly board with her. You kept on beating her in games. You won, as usual. But it could not stop your and her laughter up all night. While I was whining to be allowed to go outside, at least on his balcony, to experience fireworks in the turn of the year. He stayed still and persuaded me to watch TV. His arms was on my back and suddenly that was all that matter to me.

You held her arms on New Year Eve.
While I was on his arms that night too.

And then life split.
She broke your heart in the way you could not afford.
While I decide to be apart from him in the name of compatibility.

Eventually, life goes on and we become different person we used to be.
Until we met that sunny bright day.

You were wearing white plain t-shirt and still looked very nice to me, while I chose dark purple to cover my knees became shaking. We fell in love instantly like we were meant to be and fate arranged us to meet.

We are no longer the person we were in that New Year Eve. That was our milestone we could not erase. But it's funny how life tricks us in the same time that moment but our path crossed today. And to him also her, I would like to say thank you in bringing mature version of us today.

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