Sabtu, 19 Oktober 2013

Date A Guy Who Plays Music

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Date a guy who hears music, he will let you dive deeper to his feeling through melody.
Date a guy who collects various playlist, when there's something to celebrate he will play one of his favourite list and invite you to dance.
Date a guy who plays music, you can listen his truly emotion when he blends with his music instrument.
Date a guy who creates music, I guess he would have secret song which in the future he send secretly to you.
Date a guy who plays music, when everything got boring you could watch him play for hours. Maybe you could sway a choir in the background.
Date a guys who listens to music, when there's nothing right to say in arguing time, he maybe find suitable lyric which describe his feeling well.
Date a guy who plays music, it's picnic time and you two would kill the time with a jam.
Date a guy who love music, your story with him could described with various memorable tracks.
Date a guy who plays music, because your future children would be proud to have a skillful father and you could watch them growing through harmony.
Date a guy who hear, collect, and play music, they said. That's why I date you.

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