Rabu, 13 April 2016

Silent Bliss

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When was the last time you being happy?
I was...... last night.

It's a simple serendipity hit me. I was just riding my motor alone in silence. The traffic was nice, a little bit empty tho. My favourite kind of setting. And I looked to the grey cloudy sky ahead of me, feels like I was so little beyond this universe. I insufflate the air considerably like it's gonna disappear. I hugged the universe silently with a bright smile on my face. I have no idea why I'm so happy that time. Maybe the fact that I am one of human being in this universe was looking right into the sky and feels so grateful because at least I'm standing still and get my way back to be awesome. It feels like I could fly through the sky and do anything, because my problems looks tiny. I instantly have the power to rid them off.

And that's it. My bliss stays for like twenty minutes. Hit me right into my unconsciousness.

I'm back into my crib and my heart is not light like it was before. Reality strikes and I miss my silent bliss. "You need a vacation" they said. Yeah maybe it's true since I didn't take any day off in one year. But instead of escaping myself to some unknown cities, I often pretend myself to think that this street I walk everyday, is not familiar for me. Now that I wrote that, I feel funny and pity to myself. Yeah a girl could be dreaming, huh?

So that's my yesterday bliss. And today I let myself have red velvet cake with cheesy and sour creamy on top. My favourite kind of kryptonite. I shallow the pieces slowly and feels every bit of that cream explode in my mouth. Now the cake has gone but the after-taste cheesy cream got me into joy. I don't know how long the bliss stay this time, but surely the feeling gone and I feel dry again.

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