Jumat, 15 Juni 2012

Old Conversations

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Is it forbidden for a girl and boy to have a friendship?
No it is not. I know it, you know it. We also know. Since I have some of male friends, I feel like I am attach with them. In neutral mean, of course.

They are someone I want to share with. Someone who have their space of topics to be discussed. Life, Social Media, and social issue. No one ever beat the serenity I get when we argue or explain each other about the topics.

Meandering each other, listening to each other, observing every particular emotion we show, and I never laugh that hard or muse that deep. Especially you, I am always be the winner to find sadness in your words or even hidden emotion. We wait each other. And when it starts, all the news are exploded from you. Bring me to the moment when we spend time like this.

Those endless conversations where time flies and we sit on a fastfood restaurant or just type all the text on my phone. There was no someone who wait you, you are free, yes and I will be the happiest friend in the world to have such a lovely discussion partner like you, all.

But yes, time flies. I've changed. You have to. We will never get the atmosphere like the old times, where all the conditions claim that we are free. There will be child to feed, a girl to date with, or that similar case.

All the fraction of my heart, miss our old times, buddies.

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