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Panic! At The Disco and Its Nostalgic Time

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Apapun yang bertema nostalgia selalu menyenangkan utk dibahas kan, ya?
Kemarin saat sedang heboh-hebohnya konser NKOTBSB alias New Kids on The Block dan Backstreet Boys dalam satu panggung, saya pun berinisiatif untuk youtube-an lagu lagu mereka. Sampai akhirnya di video yang entah ke berapa, saya menemukan video Panic! At The Disco nangkring di list video. Setengah sisi hati pengen teriak "Geez, this is the music which accompany me through teennage time!"

Gambar dari : http://weheartit.com/entry/30333637
Voila! This scent of music easily flow me into nostalgic time. I don't know their genre exactly. Whether alternative rock, pop punk, pop dance, or whatever, the music and Brandon Urie's lead vocal let me remember why I love them in the very first place.

Panic! At The Disco was the music I listen with Fall Out Boy. Bought their cassette, and surprisingly the cassette is still with me. I am a type of person who could remember songs if they set in order, like in cassette. Panic! At The Disco is the band I could sing all the day long just to memorize their long lyrics, challenge me to pronounce them right. Panic! At The Disco is the band whose vocalist, Brandon Urie, could go for total acting when it comes into recording their music video. They play in intro, lyrics, music exploration, or just flat music but strengthen Brandon's tone. Looooove it!

Gambar dari : http://weheartit.com/entry/29062176
They have three full albums. The first album, which made me fall in love with them magically, is "A Fever You Can't Sweat Out". Decorated with long song tittle, old bar atmosphere of music video and music, and unconnected song tittle with lyrics. My fave is "Lying Is The Most Fun A Girl Can Have Without Taking Her Clothes Off" (see, long tittle!) with Brandon's lower voice and also the lyrics "I've got more wit, a better kiss, a hotter touch, a better fuck. Than any boy you'll ever meet, sweetie you had me". Makes me insane!

For the second, honestly, I don't like Panic when that times. I mean, their second album is fail on my ear. I know, the explore more music, but it doesn't attach to my sense. I skip that one.

And for the third, "Vices and Virtues", is fucking awesome! Again, they explore all the techniques, not only music. In this album, the play in intro (There are moooore interesting intro) and music. I haven't observed to the lyrics. Maybe just enjoy being hypnotized with their performance on my ear. Aaah awesome!

My favourite track is "Nearly Withches (Ever Since We Met)". You have to listen by yourself to know my weird sense mixed on that track. The first time you hear it, you will feel weird. All the surprises lies on intro, intro music, and chorus. Magically awesome! Here we go, I attach the track for you to listen ;)

Got what I mean? Haa!

And, you should nt miss their performance in Overture. It's kind of short movie about the personal issue in the band, mixed with their new singles. There will be acting, music, magic effect, also hidden message if you know Panic! At The Disco earlier ;)

Yes, and the last thing on my mind after writing this : "When they will come to Indonesia for concert?" :DD

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