Kamis, 18 Juli 2013

Date This Kind of Man

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Having a dream come true man is all I and you ever dream
But finding one is hard yet we can't predict end line to every man we met

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My father once told me to find someone who could brave enough to responsible to his life. When you were in junior high, maybe you even didn't catch the mean. But now you will know that it would be the best. Moreover if you were too rebel to be handle. A responsible man might lead you into his path and you both could trace the track together. Also I realize that careless man could bring trouble for you. Hey, you couldn't take care of him in your entire life, right?

Date a man who reads, maybe your keyword. All these years, you could be wasting your life dating men who even didn't read your blog. You can say it was an obvious indicator that they don't care too much to you. Even reading your blog maybe wasting their time. Since blog become virtual journal, you should hang on to a man who could predict your mind through posts. It's always nice to know that they read what you're writing, what your mind saying, and what your visions are.

Can I add some points? My next highlight would be date a man who writes. It's great to know him by words. Figure his feeling after a bunch of poetry, his mind through the acuity of his essays, his freaking geek mind over reviews. Scrolling his blog would be awesome. It's like you take hours of talking with him. You're there to listen whatever topic he buys, and laugh to every his jokes. Dating a man who blog, never fails you.

Maturity is all about you need in relationship. Date a man who could adapt to every situations. When there's a problem, forget those who blacken their BlackBerry Messenger Display Picture, unfollow you on Twitter, spread the problem out of your timeline, also turn his phone off during week. It's not funny at all. Hey, you guys are mature so act like one. You're lucky if you find a man who want to talk over the problem. Get over it and live what comes next.

Whatever relationship you have, communication is the core of it. But, the timing should be right. Forget they who insist you to call every hour and text every minute reporting every detail work you're doing. I mean like, in relationship private space is needed.

Like Spicegirls said, if a man want to be with you, he gotta get with your friends. Being accompanied to friends hangout after work with your beloved one would be a precious moment. It means he want to explore your world, got to know you more by your friends. If he agree to accompany you, kiss his cheek to express your grateful.

In the end, date a man you adore. You could learn so much insights from his gestures, his sentences, and the way he moves. It triggers you to smile, become the best version of you, and you both will never be bored by silence. Date a man who makes your world bigger, sets you free, also believes you in every project you take.

Date a man who you love. It's the most necessary thing.

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