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I often say honesty  to others. For me, it's lifetime currency. It is expensive to earn, and if you do not have it, there is a long way to have it back.

The same way with trust. You can not hope me to abrakadabra trust you. In past, there are a lot of people who give me kiss and run cases. They had my trust, and in simple way, they broke it and run. For your information, I hardly forgive and forget them. I never give my 100% trust back to them.

Naturally, I am a forgiving kind of person. I am trying to understand more what the story which makes them to do that. Eventhough they hurt me, I could easily forget the anger and forgive them. In the end, they could have me back smiling to them.

But there are always people who had hurt me in a way I can not afford it. I trust them in the beginning, and voila they did something bad to me. And all I could do is keep on asking to myself "Geez, how rude. How could (s)he possibly did that to me?" or "Do they know how it feels to be betrayed in right of their heart? I am so sad". And the rest of my sentences would be state all the conditions which they should do it better than what they have done.

No matter how nice they treat or approach me in the future, there will be a wet scar mark on my heart. When they appear, I don't see them as a name, I see them as a label according to what they have done to me. They could not heal it instantly, and I am not willing have an effort to even say Hi to them. It hurts I could not afford anymore.

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