Sabtu, 15 Januari 2011

White Confession

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You know,
Feels like hundred times I re-write this
type and delete this post over and over again,
Feels like I couldn't find the right words to express
Seems like all the words I choose aren't proper enough to be dedicated

Maybe it's right that nothing is enough to show how much I thank for your existence
How glad I am because finally you found me
How happy I am to know that we are together now

Hemm, yes  I am not a quote maker
Who could make you melt for the first time you read group of this words
Even my title as a writer isn't offer that skill

People say, stupid words are make sense when you fall in love,
and i am deeply falling for you,
every morning, every night, every laugh, every text, every words you say
so, you are completely true to say that I am silly enough to write this

But it doesn't matter,
Because I am writing for the one I love

I love you for all my heart
(okay call me crazy to write such sentence above)
It means I would accept you for your light and dark side
It means I don't wanna fight or argue with you, because I don't want you to get hurt
It means I would share my world, my innocence, my laugh

It means I would make time for you,
eventhough I put label "busy" on my BlackBerry Messenger 
eventhough I set "offline" on Facebook chat to other people
eventhough I claim "invisible" on Yahoo Messenger
I am disposed to be "always available" for you

It also means I am brave enough to write this in my blog,
so universe would know that I am truly falling for you...

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  1. cuma satu tanggapanku sayang,,,,,,artinya apa yah? | #KemudianHening


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